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neue lösungen

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Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

the wisdom of food

a week ago i did a wisdom session with a friend of mine. we opened a magic space together and did ask for the revelation of our personal and universal wisdom.

now 1 week had passed and yesterday in the evening I was flooded with the feeling of wisdom. I dreamt that out of my netbook there was metatron channeling. that was the cue for me to get conscious and experience the immense flow of wisdom through me. as I channeled it through the dimensions, it suddenly became a form and I anchored it in all my cells of my physical body.

3 hours before, I ate for the first time "romanesco", a vegetable that is looking like or better is fractal geometry and I asked the question, if it could be, that the pure form of the vegetable has an impact on the body.

and now I can anser this question with a YES. the information of the form did definitly do something with my being. now the information of this fractal is in my body, it is part of my body and it was a catalyst to that metatronic flow of wisdom through me. it is the "wisdom-vegetable" at least in my experience.

we not only eat food, we eat the information of food as well. and the information links to the information, that is already present in our bodys. or, when its new, it adds to the information and opens new doorways. and the form of a vegetable also carries core information

every fruit, vegetable, flower has its own information to share. we only have to allow the information to anchor in our body. the more processed the food is, the more of its original information is going away.

raw, fresh food (no animal is processing the food with external chemicals) carrys the most information, but is harder to digest from our stomach's point of view. so we invented the cooking with heat, to soften it a bit and to get rid of some micro and macroorganism's that don't serve us. we live in a world of duality, everything we do has effects in both "positive" and "negative" sense.

I suggest, that the information is magnetic in nature. a sort of magnetic life essence, different in each species. (I admit, I am reading too much T.M. Keshe books, where he builds the material world out of plasmatic magnetic fields, treating gravitation as magnetic effect too ...)

wisdom is a feeling of knowingness not tangible for the mind.