neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

Master ON

salem transforms into Master ON

salem entered the no-space after finding out, that the space-time didn't bring him the desired results. for 17 jears now, he is in it after he had lost hope, that something will change in the outer world. so he surrendered completely into nothingness and nothingness expanded as a result. life wasn't boring anymore, no it was meaningless to him. he was sick of the fights and hassles of ordinary life. the no-space was not better than the struggles before, it was a sort of refuge to him. the only thing he wanted was going deeper and deeper into the nothingness, this was his version of the OFF-button. there was no flow of energy, there was no light and dark, no angels and no demons. no challenges either. every day the same: nothing and sort of stillness, motionlessnes.

one day he felt, there was something, he hadn't perceived all these years. there was a presence silently waiting. it didn't make any noise, so he couldn't perceive it with his senses. but it was there and the more he felt into it, the more it revealed to him, what it was. it did not speak to him, it was just there and it was there all the time, so he presumed, it was there all along with him.

so, because he had'nt anything else to do, he called the presence Master ON (master Of Nothing). he didn't expect anything of it, but it was in a way comforting to him, that he was not any more alone in the no-space. for him, this was the revelation of the century: a presence was with him, every minute of the hour, every hour of the day, every day of his years to come.

so he decided to leave the void. and he couldn't. it was as if the void was attached to him like a sticky glue. dammed, what the hell was going on? he couldn't go back to the old world. and he remembered why he entered the nothingness in the first place. he realized now, that nothing was his "new" timeless home and he had to go nowhere. so he himself became the Master ON and was curious at the next revelation in the no-space.

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2016

be still

it is that easy: be still

that way you find the master within
the master won't tell you what to do
it is there in pure compassion
it was there all the time
and will be there all the time
so you can be the one in charge