neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

about freedom and peace

peace does not come without freedom as prerequisite

as long as there are powerstructures, there are people emprisoned in it, in fact everyone is a prisoner of this systems. just look around ... they are playing the game of perpetrator and victim.

the mind tells you, it 's save in there. but that is the fearful self speaking "the unknown is scaring me". we are so emprisoned and regulated, no one can hardly breathe anymore.

with freedom, there comes sovereignity and responsibility. the responsibility to choose. the responsibility to let the limitations of the mind go in order to maximise the expansion of your experience, that is freed now. perhaps this is scary too, to accept your own power, on how to structure your new life.

there are few people out there, who are really free. in fact I don't know any. if you participate in the structure, they get you. just think of money, politics, education, work, transportation etc.

I am so conscious of my limitation, that it hurts me. and the structures that hurt, won't go away over night. so i can choose again and again new structures for me, until they begin to show up. and perhaps this can take lifetimes. perhaps not.

now it is 11:11 and I choose to stop writing.