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neue lösungen

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Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

how does new technology work

how does new technology work?

new technology in a way ist conscious technology, that means, it responds to our own consciousness. consciousness means the awareness, that you are the creator of your life. in unconsciousness you are also a creator, but you are not conscious of it. with that you get in a way our default energy system, the mass consciousness agreed upon. with consciousness, you have a choice, which technology you want to have, because in a way you create it for yourself, to enjoy life more fully and freely. technology responds to your consciousness.

here are some steps or hints, to create the technology you want:

1. choose to go beyond the hypnotic overlay, mass consciousness operates in

2. hypnosis creates doute and fear within yourself (i.e. that cant't work, because there is no theory supporting it; the measurement system is not set up and calibrated properly; the fear, that you will get threatend by dark forces, that want to suppress every advancement in technology)

3. doute and fear create low consciousness, which attracts only low consciosness technology

4. as you come out of your mudd of doute and fear, you are guided to new technology, you will get enthusiastic about it, and then the doute will creep in once again, because there are people out there that intentionally or not seeding doute and fear (they are comfortable with their hypnosis).

5. a certain time you will oscillate between doute and fear, trust, passion, joy and openness

6. the picture starts to get clearer, that you are in charge

7. if there are setbacks of doute, you don't fight it, you breathe conscously through it, until you are clear and integrated in your body of consiousness

These steps are not only to allow new technology in, it is normal, when you are on your way to be more conscious of who you are (a free creator)

so there are many levels of technology already available, you got to choose from. in a way everything is already there, you just have to realize it, that it is there.

to go beyond gravity, go beyond time, because gravity is created by time itself, by cause and effect ...

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