neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Dienstag, 27. November 2012

the next step

this relates to my last post, on how new technologies are suppressed by governments. read for yourself. this link is a recent post on the forum of the keshefoundation from m.t. keshe ( about the next step in teaching his technology:

the sexual energy virus (stealing of energy in all senses) is active in brussels as well, leading to missuse of power from the elected governments. and brussels is no more as the heart of the european community. we should do some cleansing here, shouldn't we?

my intend is just to show this, so you can act accordingly.

now, take a deep conscious breath and look within. smile at yourself. that is changing the world ...

an extensive interview of the purpose of the keshe foundation from m.t. keshe you can find here:

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