neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Montag, 22. August 2016

the freedom seed

putting out a little seed each day makes life a field of seeds to come back to in the future and enjoy the grown up seedlings ...

the word of the day is "allow"

with allowing there is no friction of incoming energies created from your soul passion with the mind
thus no stress to achieve certain goals. the energies coming in for you are itself in state of perfection. thus no use of manipulating or controlling them with your mind

allow them to be and don't fight them,
experince them, than you honor your creation

the collective energy to experience right now is chaos, fear and wanting to go back to the old ways (that didn't work very well back then either). it is the reaction to a new energy in the world and this new energy is manifested as personal freedom.

allow the change, so it won't hurt you
it is, what we all dreamt of, now it is here
embrace your own cocreation and allow it to live on this planet

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