neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Freitag, 24. Februar 2012


now what is integration for me?

it is gradually tuning in to my soul more and more.

It is a choice at a very high level. with it comes self-acceptance, self-love, compassion, dignitiy, joy, creativity, abundance, certainty, excitement, magic, capability, feeling ...

It is a process and don't happen over night. it is up to me, how I want to experience this process. I chose to experience it, honoring my human part. I didn't overwhelm my body with this new energies. so my process takes longer as some other persons I know, that jump into the cold water at once. as I adapt to the new waters, I don't experience the waters as cold. it has the perfect temperature for my walk-in.


how you tune in to your soul? you use "living words" like certain, capable, wellbeing, joy etc. with this words, there is a resonance with your soul part and the process of dna-decoding can start. below is, what science has recently came up with ... (If you don't belive in the power of your (living) words, but in science)

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