neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Samstag, 30. Juni 2012


(another posting, that makes no sense ...)

there is something new out there,

clea de nil performs the song: I am the water in the desert and I'm eating men.

why the desert? because the water is balancing out there in snake-land. the desert is sister with the moon. and father sun is reigning the golden land. dragons ar the keepers of the desert. there are all sorts of seeds in the desert, unseen, waiting for the right time to explode into live.

the desert is a male landscape, and so, when clea shows up there, there are enough men for her to eat and enjoy. she is the queen of the desert, the bringer of life and beauty to the land of flat reasoning. she walks in sandals or barefoot.

here is the text of this new born song:

i am the water in the desert
the queen of the nile
I am eating men
because I can

I used to walk through the desert
snakes and alligators
are my friends
so are the men
that I eat

wherever I go, there is beauty
I am the cisterne for thirsty men
I am the water in the desert
because I am

my name is clea de nil
I am born in april
and I am eating men
because I can
because Ican

If you are thirsty, come to me
you will be eaten
by the stream of my waters
by the waters of life
and that, my dear
will save your life
in the desert

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