neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

a vision

I learned from the "the code" (, that I am an intuitive and a visionary. so here is my prediction:

in the next months many of us will have to face fears, because the internal changes from the last months are manifesting now shortly in the external world. the label will be the Euro (the currency, yes and the european football championship in poland and the ukraine as well) and that will elicit fear, joy and chaos. out of chaos, there will come new solutions and new order.

it will be time to experiment with new solutions. the fear is a sign, that mass-consciousness is expanding greatly and my advice, as you face it is, to not take it as your own, it is just a sign, that something is shifting. it is the music of change for now. and it should be honored as this. perceive it and move on. it is just energy, that wants to serve you. in fact it is a time to celebrate this great change on earth. and many, many do this anyway.

the new earth is birthing.

ask yourself right now, which world do you wanna live in, because you are the anchors of new energy consciosness on earth. your visions will manifest almost instantly, because there is no time buffer any longer between your inner creation and your outer manifestation. what you choose, is what you get. your choices will ripple through mass-consciousness and change reality. and many will see and follow the light, that you put out.

as I look out my window I envision a city full of life-force from trees, plants, flowers and people, who follow their heart. the city is without grey streets and noisy cars. we can breath healthy clear air, and have completely new ways to get from a to b (yes we will surf through the air on the surfboard, that will be developed soon).

our new responsibility: observe, choose, response.

many, that are not on this fear road will feel peace, joy and gratitude that the changes are coming actually. and I know this side too, because I connect this two sides to a circle.

and here is my vision of the unfolding of my events:

I saw this spinning 3-dimensionally above my head ...

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