neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

change is upon us

change is upon us

especially the body is feeling it, washing out old programming, unifying with the emotional, the mind and the spirit body.

can you feel, how clearer you are, compared to last year? all of you is working together. you are a test-model for the working together of mass consciousness.

just everyone I meet has the feeling, that something is going on. something is different. and they cannot name it. it is the effect of this inner melting, that takes place and that tires your body. learn to listen to your body more. have compassion with it, like you are your own child. give it a soft and warm hug, breath this cosyness all over you.

feel the earth inside and outside of you. it is your mother and cares for you. you are your own earth. she is changing as well and some feel this also. she is adapting to your consciousness.

the earth has dried out in vienna lately. she is pointing to the places in you, where you are out of touch with your spirit. because spirit is water, it is life-force energy, that has manifested. so, if you are the waters, it will attract the same to you in your outer reality landscape.

you begin to be the water in the desert, and withit comes the abundant life.

be the abundant flow of life ... and now, as I look out of my window, it begins to rain :-)

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