neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

what is the souls passion

awakening was a shock to my identity-system. everything I thought, was important for me, is not from my souls perspective. it serves my not-doing-anything with the same passion as my wildest worldly adventures.

this realisation let me stop, thinking that my soul has no soul. otherwise it would care for me more, it would lead me.

 it seems the soul has no passion for earthly things, it is just in creative mode as always, experiencing without attributing any value to it. just experiencing, distilling and expanding its creation, like a dumb waterbubble.

it let me know, that it does not matter what I do, I will be supported. so at this time in spring, where others create, I do not, which does not matter, because my soul creates every moment in all that is anyway.

so for me the souls passion is not to grasp at least for my earthly identity-system. my earthly passions have completely stopped, so I can get to know and experience my souls passion. but my souls passion is not defined and not defineable. there is no souls passion out there, where I look

that realisation in itself is a wild experience and I have the urge to laugh out silent


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