neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

my bliss experience

do something, you normally don't do.

being silly, I do most of the time
be erratic and unpredictable, I do most of the time
don't think, oh boy, too hard
don't move, makes me stiff

yesterday I danced myself into bliss
being the female and male aspect of buddha
I experienced this white open lotus of bliss for one instant

three days before, I chose to experience bliss and did it the hard way
no bliss at all

yesterday in the afternoon I heard the voice from within, to go to the halls of amenti.
in the evening, i did. before I decided to initiate me into the fireenergy of the white priesthood
a moment later the earth unter me trembled:
a 4.4 earhquake in the vienna area made me feel wobbly and dizzy

then, after the initiation, I traveled to amenti. just to look. all was in blue,
I wore my new aquired mantle of love, I got from yeshua, just for the celebration of it
we, the wise of kyrox had some exchange, on how to proceed on earth

and we came to the conclusion:


that grounded me after 4 days of release, transformation and initiation

today I walked a new path to work, experienced for the first time selfworth with neutrality
tomorrow I take one day dedicated to >NOTHING

(inspired by the "Nothing" comment of geoffrey hoppe of crimson circle: and the kryonfestival september 2013: bliss)

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