neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Montag, 7. November 2011

the death-walk experience @ 5:11

i took part in the death walk experiment initiated by story waters.

i'm still alive although i cut all cords with the believesystem "earth". i learned in facing the fear of death, that "death" is just a believesystem of mass-consciousness and that it is time to put a little joy in that death-experience. my death felt very cold indeed, the fear of death was reflected to me as real.

the experience lastet for four hours from 20h to midnight. I illuminated 4 candles. three of them self-terminated one after another. the biggest one, I extinguished myself, so I was alone in darkness, just with my black cat felix for the final death walk.

I knew clearly that when I wished to exit the earth plane, the moment would be perfect, perhaps another spirit would inhabit my body, or my body would be deserted by my spirit and die.

I also know that behind every fear is a great gift, and I wanted that gift. as I entered the believesystem "death-realms" all was like in the dreamwalker death - experience.  it was getting cold inside, but simultaniously instead of death, there was connection. great joy flooded my body, I knew, I freely chose the earth experience and I would go back immediatly. but I would go back, having changed my conception of death, being more passionate about my life.

I looked in the eyes of an alien, that was pure love and that pure love was me. now, I am my own alien. the next day was my 47th birthday see below at

death is but a veil, and part of the veil of mass-consciousness and I changed that veil with joy.

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