neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Dienstag, 26. April 2011

the sono to the fusion

some ideas, regarding the already working rossi e-cat lenr-device to create steam from water, featered at the new energy times

some people are asking, how it can be that hydrogen can pass the coulomb-barriere at 100-200 grad celsius?

the physicist focardi in an interview talks about a secret chemial compound (not uranium), that facilitates this process.

for me it is very clear, one can use the same effect as in producing nano-particles, ie ultrasonic dispersion. with it, you trap the hydrogen nucleus and you are forming a sort of makro-hydrogen (entangled hydrogen) with the very strange properties, you see in the rossi e-cat.

I picture it, that you create a sonowave-sea and in every sonowave-valley, there sits a hydrogen nucleus (perhaps without electron). so you need at least two ultrasound- sources that overlap each other, forming the sonowave-sea. when the hydrogen is trapped (one in each wave-valley), you can now change the sonowave-pattern in the manner, that you get a wandering sonowave (sort of surface wave), that is directed to the nickel nanoparticles. this is like a makro state of hydrogen-nucleuses, a hydrogen lattice, meeting the ni-lattice.

this is my imagination working. there must be someone to test this hypothesis, that is, to build such an apparatus. contact me at if you have a laboratory that is capable of testing this imagined apparatus.

I will call this the "tsunami-experiment", because of the parallelity to the japan-events, that triggered the beginning of the end of conventional nuclear power production.

and in every end, there is an new beginning. let there be a tsunami of love ...

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