neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

the phoenix-initiation

my energy created in 21.21.2010 are expanding further. now it is time for my heart energy to expand, and to drop my old baggage. that was what i asked for the last few days. and this is, what i found today. it is called the

PHOENIX-Activation of arcangel michael channeled through celia fenn.

it is a global initiation and a reminder why we are here at this moment in time, and it is an opportunity to clear away old baggage.

go there >> if you are ready for the new way

1. register for free on the page of jim self (mastering alchemy)
2. go to the "conversations with" - page
3. go down to the bottom of the page to celia fenn
4. listen to the mp3

be part of the "new earth"!

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