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neue lösungen

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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

the rose

i followed the blog of the sacred journey to montsegur from celia fenn in 2008 part 1 onto the picture of the meadow, where the cathars were burned  around 1244. out of seemingly nothing, tears rolled down my eyes, a deep, deep sadness was overcoming me, despite the romantc picture and the happy people on it.

i was pulled back to that days, seeing me as a little girl, not understanding, why she was burned. a red rose came into my heart, and allowed that aspect of me to integrate into my being. i felt, that she was carrying a sacred feminine energy.

the same red rose showed up on step 48 of my awakening in the school of kryon (the melting with my greater self), and it is also attributed to mary magdalene, which was the holder of the feminine aspect of the christ-consciousness.

so for me, the red rose is the symbol of my divine feminine, a chalice of pure divine love, transformation and healing.

and I loved flowers since i was a little boy. the voice in me, that is not a voice at all, hinted me to the power of flowers, (the flower-power) for some years now. they are the messengers of the beauty of the divine.

my intuition prompted me once, to just go out and share flowers with other people on the street with a card on it: "greetings from home". but i was too embarrassed to do this. so i found another way of whow to adorn me with flowers: i breathe my divine essence in them and i tell other people, which kind of flowers they are ...

so today, i found part of my lost divine feminine. its the 11.01.2011. what a perfect 7-day!

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