neue lösungen

neue lösungen

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Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

the new jerusalem?

what is the new jerusalem for me?

it is different than some might think, because it is the reflection of your inner peace, your inner balance. it doesn't come from old religous beliefs, it doesn't come from duality. it is the inner awareness of oneness, it is the step out of duality.

the new jerusalem is the result of looking inside, it is the sacred process of divinity awaking and fusing with our human aspect. it is the result of melting the inner polarity of male and female.

the new jerusalem is not build on duality, it is something completely new. it was always there as a potential. but now, more and more conscious people choose this potential in their lifes.

the new jerusalem is breaking the paradigms of old religions, it is the melting of old belief-systems. it is nothing you THINK it is.

the breaking of the seven seals is the breaking of the most predominant beliefsystems in humankind. this breakingdown will reveal (--> time of revelation) our true nature:

the "I AM" presence

that is your personal tone, your string of the universe, your color, your name of god.

and this will lead into an empowered society, where people don't give their power away to leaders, to religions and other out of balance institutions. they will know, that all power is within them, and they will share their wisdom to empower the people next to them. they will know, that everyone is an important part of the whole body of consciosness.

the new jerusalem is foremost an inner and outer experience of this new awareness of the god within. the energy is that of 4, the new energy. the christ-consciosness.

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